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My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...

"We were the kind of sellers that would have started off with "for sale by owner," and take our time about selling... or so we thought. We decided to go with Chad because of his local knowledge and presence, and were then more than pleasantly surprised by how much we really needed him and his team. They worked the process through every step, and took responsibility to get everything done, every T crossed and I dotted. And there were a lot of them. We would have gone crazy trying to do this ourselves, or maybe worse, using a realtor that didn't have the experience and skill of Chad and his team."

-John & Catherine (Boulder)

"Chad and Laura recently helped us sell our condo. They were very knowledgeable about the super competitive market that we are in, and their strategy really worked for us. We accepted an offer 13% over asking price just a few days after listing. We're so grateful to have found agents that know the market, know what is necessary to make the most lucrative sale, and do a really great job of marketing the property. Chad and Laura worked with us at every step, investing time and energy to maximize our sale, even though many of the properties that they represent are of much higher value in the market. We really appreciate all they did for us."

-Lindsay (Boulder)

"Chad and his staff were very helpful, responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. Before selling, I did an extensive remodeling job on the house: their input was invaluable in that regard, and I was able to maximize my return. We had multiple offers and backup offers, and Chad navigated us through to a successful and speedy closing despite the Holidays. I would recommend Chad and his team to anyone." 

Brad & Carolyn (Boulder)


"Jasmine and I are putting an offer in on a house in Connecticut later today.  We have recently been thinking about you both a lot and how awesome it was to have you, and your team, working with us last year!!  We know now that we were very spoiled to have such an attentive, sharp and dedicated team in you and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate having had that opportunity!  If you find yourselves wanting to come to CT to help us buy a house, let me know."

-Grant & Jasmine (Boulder)


"I had 3 days to find a house in the Longmont/Boulder area (moved out from the Boston area for a new job). Chad was totally prepared and worked through the initial showings to learn exactly what we were looking for. His patience was commendable. On the last day, we landed on a house that fit our needs almost perfectly. He was all over it - communicated to us the sense of urgency for decisions without begin too pushy. Advised us in the right places and was very aggressive in getting our offer in quickly and at the right level - we got the house and felt we got it at a very fair price in an up market. Throughout the approval process, Chad and his fantastic team were on top of everything, and the inspection and closing process went smoothly. This was huge as we had to prepare to move 2000 miles to our new home. We were notified of what was needed from us in a timely fashion, no surprises. Closing was without drama, and we are now happily in our new home.

On a more personal note - we met Chad by chance while out at breakfast during an interview trip in Boulder, and he is truly a pleasure to work with and to get to know. Very professional but took the time to get to know us. We always felt he had our best interests in mind, and always worked hard to really understand what we were looking for and what our needs were."

-Kevin & Leslie (Longmont)


"Throughout the intense process of listing our unique home Chad was professional, proactive, and ready with half a dozen ideas for any question we may have had. On top of that his attitude was always upbeat, and we thoroughly enjoyed all of our communications during the entire experience of listing and selling our home.

From the neatly prepared market comparison he presented us with during our first meeting, to his expert team that helped us stage/arrange/fix-up the house to ready it for market, to negotiations with potential buyers, every detail was handled with ease and we felt like he had our back the whole time. The marketing package that was prepared was second to none, and we generally felt pampered by the whole experience. A true professional, and excellent communicator.

When the buyers did come, Chad was able to negotiate the best possible deal for us and I truly would want nobody else handling the delicate details of offers, counter offers, and contracts. Chad's expertise of the Boulder mountain market in particular suited our needs perfectly. Anything that could have been a roadblock in the process was spotted and fixed before it became a problem. I would hate to have to move somewhere where Chad could not represent us. He is the only realtor we will ever work with again!"

-Ben & Michelle (Boulder)


"As a first time home buyer I was both nervous, excited, and nearly clueless about what the process of buying a house is all about. From my very first interaction with Chad I felt confident that he was someone who I could trust to guide me through the process and help me find the house I wanted in a price range I could afford. 
Whitney Saunders was the one to show me all of the houses and she was tremendously helpful! She helped me understand the pros and cons of all my options and shape my opinions and priorities in my search. She was knowledgeable, professional, and a real friend through the home purchase process and beyond. 
I absolutely recommend Whitney and Chad to anyone who is looking for a very positive and successful home buying experience!"

-Heidi (Longmont)


"We worked with Chad to sell our home and buy a new home. Chad and his team were wonderful to work with and were very attentive to our wants and desires. Not only is Chad personable, but he is a great listener and negotiator. He got us our dream home and we trusted him every step of the way. Chad and his team are very responsible, reliable and always got back to us with any questions we had in a timely manner. Chad is also extremely detail important quality in a real estate agent. I highly recommend Chad for any of your real estate needs!

Loved working with you all!"

-Greg & Elizabeth (Boulder & Westminster)


"I really want to say thank you for both of you for the incredible help and patience that you had with me.
I have bought things in Brazil for 20 years and I bought a few things in US but I can tell you I have never had a such amazing service and help by anyone like I had from you.
You made it very simple buying these units even though I was in another country and had never seen the units.
Thank you, very very much....

Once again, thank you very much for the amazing help in both closings.

I am 100% sure I wouldn't have done these deals without the special attention you gave to me.

You did much more than what I expected."

-Eduardo (Purchased in Boulder, from Brazil)


"The real estate world can be a bit dizzying, and going in I was not sure exactly what I was looking for. Chad St. Onge and his staff were patient and provided a ton of good information to help me along. Chad does a great job guiding the client, but always leaving the decisions to the client. I felt looked after and cared for. I felt as if I was Chad's only client at all times. An amazing experience, I recommend him without reservation. "

-Sheldon (Boulder)


"Chad and his team were extremely helpful, and professional. It was a pleasure to do business with them. they communicated with us daily either by email, or phone calls. They video taped the properties we were interested in and did their best to answer any questions we had."

-Al & Lili (Superior)


"Chad and his team were recommended to me through a family member and I could not be happier - it was the best experience I could have had buying my first home. I am also an out of state buyer, so things were much more complicated for everyone involved and Chad and his team were amazing and went above and beyond in every instance. The entire process went so smoothly and I know it is because of their hard work. They were extremely knowledgeable, insightful, thoughtful, smart, and just overall helpful! They've been so great; I cannot speak highly enough of them and I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone!"

-Kerry (Boulder)


"My girlfriend and I just bought a house with Chad and it was a great experience. Chad was very helpful, patient, and responsive. He had great local knowledge and did a great job of showing us properties that fit what we were looking for. When it came time to go under contract he and his staff did an excellent job of explaining the process to us and making sure we had all of the information that we needed. He guided us through the contract phase and made sure we that we met all of our deadlines. When it came time for closing he made sure that we were well prepared, and the closing went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Chad for anyone looking for property around Boulder. I will definitely be using Chad in the future! "

-Nick & Lora (Boulder)


"We were referred to Chad by a friend of ours, and are eager to refer him to anyone needing a Realtor in the greater Boulder area. My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home together- his first overall but my fifth! Chad was able to fully delight us both with his professionalism and true skill in this field. He was able to (and insisted on) fully explaining every part of the process to my husband to be sure he was informed and comfortable, and was in a completely different league than any Realtor I'd previously worked with.

Chad is incredibly in tune with the details of Boulder real estate, even in this rapidly transitioning market, and was a great help from the very start. He is familiar with renovations, repairs, and high quality craftsmanship, and provided invaluable insight during showings and beyond - helping us see the full potential of all the properties we viewed.

With this current seller's market, we ended up finally closing on the 4th house we made offers on. With each property and at all phases of the contract on which we eventually closed, we encountered numerous unusual (even bizarre) scenarios. Chad was ready with a game plan for each that fully represented and protected our interests, and helped us maintain the best position we could.

Overall, while we hope we never have to move again (ha!), Chad is a knowledgeable, assertive, energetic, and courageous Realtor and we wouldn't consider using anyone else for our future needs."

-Natalee & Orion (Boulder)


"We knew that Chad would be a great Realtor based on a recommendation that we received from our wonderful Realtor friend in Durango, CO.  What we discovered while working with Chad is that he is not only a great Realtor, but an exceptional Realtor.  His integrity, professionalism, kindness, knowledge, creativity and ability to give his client's a 110% effort make him quite remarkable.

Our first meeting with Chad left a great impression.  He was prepared with a presentation of his services, his approach to finding homes, an overview of the software he uses to instantly share new homes with his clients, and much more.  He then took us to see three different properties before ever signing a contract so that we could get a feel for his style.  He was ready with documents containing detailed information about each home.  This allowed him to answer many questions on the spot rather than having to 'get back to us' on this or that.   Knowing that we were interested in the possibility of a project, he was able to envision how each property might have the potential to fit our family's needs and communicate that in an inspiring way.  We were quite impressed and quickly signed a contract with him.

During the course of our home search, I couldn't help but notice Chad's thoughtful approach when working with other people.  His interpersonal skills are excellent and his written communication with clients, other agents and contractors alike is respectful, cheerful, professional and complimentary (not to mention perfectly edited!).  On a personal level, I really appreciated Chad extending his kindness to our children who often accompanied us to showings.  While some realtors might have been annoyed by the presence of small children, Chad actually went as far as to play with my young children so that my husband and I could look over a home more carefully.

Chad does his homework and it certainly pays off for his clients.  In our case, we were interested in buying a home that Chad determined was way overpriced.  The homeowners were not realistic about the value of their home in its current condition.  After getting nowhere with offers back and forth, Chad sat down with the Seller's Agent and discussed ways that she might be able to approach her clients in being more realistic about the pricing of their home.  I believe she was inspired by his conversation and was able to convince her clients of a more appropriate price.  In the meantime, Chad encouraged us to walk away.  They ended up coming back to us later with a reasonable counter-offer, but by that time Chad had already found a better house for our family's needs and budget.  In fact, he went as far as to find us a house that hadn't even been listed!  He does not joke when he says that he leaves no stone unturned for his clients.

After finding our home Chad was able to simplify the inspection/closing process, which can often be a mind boggling experience, by offering excellent referrals for architects, contractors, inspectors, chimney cleaners, insurance agents, attorneys, etc.  We literally had to 'look no further' once we found Chad.   Not only was this experience painless it was actually quite fun.  In the end, I mentioned to Chad that we may have questions for him down the road.  His reply: 'Of course, I think of my clients as lifetime clients.'  Once again, I was very impressed, and I will enthusiastically recommend Chad St. Onge to anyone having an interest in Boulder real estate."

-Will & Dana (Boulder)


"We initially contacted Chad over the holidays to assist with our interstate move to Boulder, a town we had not yet visited. Upon our first visit, we met with him and his assistant Laura to go over our initial desires and what we were looking for. He provided a regional map with specific directions for various properties in different locales for us to explore and get a feel for the area so we could better identify what was most important to us and narrow down our options.

What we didn't realize at the time (although he undoubtedly did) was that our own criteria would be subject to change, and as in the coming weeks we went back and forth about this characteristic or that with various trips back to Colorado. Chad and his team offered helpful assistance, tours of various properties in which we were interested, and simply and patiently helped guide us along the path to homeownership.

We put in an offer on a property sight unseen, based on Chad's and his team's photos and videos and his personal assessment of it. He strategically translated our desires into an offer that was ultimately accepted within a few hours, and he met us at the property a few days later to discuss various characteristics of the property, how we should approach the transition, and brought up items to consider we would not have thought of on our own.

We closed on the property very quickly and were able to do everything remotely via web and phone. In context of any home buying experience, Chad did everything necessary (and much beyond what was necessary) to ensure a seamless and as stress-free as possible, transition to Boulder homeownership for us.

We will absolutely be picking Chad and his friendly, talented, and experienced team for our next home purchase and recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation. " 

- Bill & Anne (Boulder)


"Chad came highly recommended from my sister. He was very professional, personable, and respectful throughout our house search. What really sets him apart is his knowledge of the Boulder area, and his vision for seeing the potential in a home, with a bit of work. Trust me, we saw some really odd homes in Boulder, from terrible layouts, awful kitchens from the 60's, and awkward renovations. It was amazing how much Chad could tell us about a particular neighborhood, the construction of a home, or what could be done to get another bathroom or bedroom. He was helpful in giving us advice regarding the negotiation process, inspection items, and closing out the purchase.

In a matter of 8 months from the beginning of our search, we experienced it all - falling short on our first offer, losing patience on a short sale, and finally to our home we purchased, Chad tirelessly worked to get us the home that fit our needs. Chad is exactly the agent you need for the Boulder market, because unless you can drop $1+ million on a home, you find you'll need to make compromises."

-Andrew & Carmen (Boulder)


"Chad St. Onge approaches his work with consumate professionalism and genuine enthusiasm. Over and over during the course of our house search -- including up to and beyond the purchase and closing -- I was impressed by his knowledge, his mental acuity, his thoroughness, and his cheerful and generally graceful way of handling everything that came up. We would definately call Chad again should we decide to move, and recommend him to others without reservation."

-Stephanie & Irfan (Louisville)


"Chad is an excellent realtor. He is both personable and professional and is ably supported by his assistant, Laura.

His extensive knowledge of the Boulder area, and in particular the mountains, was invaluable. His deep real estate expertise is complemented by a very personal -- and well communicated -- sense of what mountain living is like. I can’t imagine that any other realtor would have won my trust so quickly and without that trust I wouldn’t have been able to get comfortable buying the mountain home that I now enjoy so much.

Most importantly, Chad is a straight-talker. During the price negotiation he was aggressive but realistic and secured a good price. As various issues arose during the inspection he had a good sense of which issues need attention and which were minor. He neither glossed over anything important nor hid behind the reports. He knew exactly what the house needed and helped me understand what was and was not an easy fix.

Chad is exactly what you need in a realtor—an experienced and knowledgeable adviser who steadfastly guards your interests. I highly recommend Chad for anyone looking in the Boulder area."

-Jamie (Boulder, Mountains)


"I've dealt with lots of different Real Estate agents over the years, and Chad is by far the best agent I've ever dealt with. Thanks to Chad, this was one of the most pleasant property purchasing experiences I've ever had (and I think I've been involved in more than the average number.)

I was looking for a house for my son that could also serve as a rental in Boulder. Chad first supplied us with a daily update of the current houses on the market. At the time, the average house in Boulder was going from listing to offer in about 7 days. So everything had to be done promptly.

Thanks to the listings, plus knowing what we were looking for, we found a house to make an offer on almost immediately. The house was overpriced, and Chad walked us through the comparable to come up with a reasonable offer. Chad used the latest tools to step us through this process, and explained step, and everything that we would need to do to both me (I already had a good idea of this part), and my son, who learned a ton.

We eventually settled on a final price with a contingency dependent on an inspection. Chad really knew his stuff, and offered brilliant suggestions for this phase, and in the end, I felt we got an excellent deal.

But Chad didn't stop there. He went out of his way to be sure the lawn was taken care of, that all the inspections were properly done, that the house got a final cleaning. Even met us to be sure we got the keys as soon as possible after the closing, which was handled efficiently and without far fewer hassles than I've ever had when buying property.

I can tell you that Chad is just great, and when the time comes to sell or find other Boulder property, there is no question who I will call."

-Bruce (Boulder)


"Chad helped us purchase our most recent home in Boulder. We searched with him for over six months to find our perfect home. Chad was knowledgeable regarding the Boulder market, experienced in renovating homes, and savvy in business. Chad helped us pass up a few poor deals and was a solid advocate in the purchasing process.

Chad brought the right team together to help us properly inspect the property, to determine a solid understanding of the costs involved to remedy, then made our case to the sellers. We came away from the transaction in a good position.

Chad has a good business sense and will tell buyers when he thinks a property is overpriced or well-priced, whether it is a good investment or not, and if he thinks any planned renovations are worth the investment.

Overall, I wish we'd found Chad sooner and wish I could have had him represent us in our prior home buying and selling endeavours in Boulder."

-David (Boulder)


"Chad St Onge far exceeded my expectations for a realtor. As a first-time home buyer, I was looking for a realtor with the expertise, knowledge, and drive to guide me on all fronts, and Chad provided all that and more. He balanced our needs with market realities, went above and beyond to help with our long-term vision and goals in terms of resale and remodel design, and made the process surprisingly simple, low-stress, and successful. I was awestruck that he negotiated our price down as much as he did. He is very diplomatic with the seller's agent and all parties we worked with. I always wanted to buy a home in this particular neighborhood but didn't know if it would be possible; Chad was driven enough to work late, be available, and make it happen for us. I cannot speak highly enough of Chad and his skills and commitment!"

- Andrea (Boulder)


"Chad quickly sold my house, which had been on the market for a year before he got the listing. Chad gave me sound advice on changes that would help the sale, and he had the contacts necessary to get the job done easily and inexpensively. He called me each week with an update of how the showings had gone and the feedback he had received. I don't live in the area, and being a remote seller could have made things difficult, but Chad stepped in and made it simple. I can't say enough good words about Chad's professionalism, experience, and hard work. My only regret is that I didn't find him a year earlier!"

- CB (Broomfield)


"I had such an easy time buying a condo with Chad. The whole home buying process seemed much more difficult, but with Chad it was a cake walk. He has exceptional knowledge of the greater Boulder area real estate market, all the different neighborhoods, the condition of homes, and home maintenace. His suggestions really helped me find an area I wanted to purchase a condo in and also helped me realize where I didn't want to live. I am very excited with my purchase and cannot wait to move in! I have already suggested Chad to two of my co-workers.

Thanks Chad!"

- Paul (Boulder)


"Thanks for everything that you have done in reference to the now four transactions that you have been my agent. I couldn't be happier with the level of efficiency that you have developed, and carry into every transaction. I feel confident that you have done everything to insure that all my interests have been met and that every element has been investigated. I would refer you to anyone, as I already have, and know that they also have been pleased with your results.

Chad this last transaction was by far the most challenging and you had to go way over and beyond any expectations to make it happen. I cant thank you enough for all the hours that you put in, and for the end result that could not have happened without your hard work and cunning nature, thanks for all the help."

-Kahlil Deerman (Boulder)


"We contacted Chad St. Onge at Boulder Re/Max to look at houses and vacant lots. We do not currently live in Colorado so the long distance communication could have been an issue but wasn't at all. After determining, over the phone and by e-mail exchange, the sort of property and location we were considering, Chad spent a day taking us to a representative sampling of homes and vacant lots. He took the time to get to know us and understand the type of property we wanted. We continued to do more searching on our own on the internet and Chad had us linked into the Re/Max system that automatically sent us listings based on our criteria. His knowledge of the Boulder area was invaluable and through his various contacts was able to get us additional information and advise us on pros and cons of living in Boulder. Ultimately we found the right property and Chad worked conscientiously to make the deal. We were very satisfied with his service — start to finish.


One particularly important aspect of Chad's service is his "connectivity." He uses current technology to effectively and efficiently do his job: cell phone with e-mail and internet capability, and an electronic document signature program that is especially useful for busy and / or out-of-town clients. He was always available by phone or e-mail and his follow-up was excellent."

- P & M (Boulder)


"I’ve really wanted to get this out to you for a while. I needed to take a little time to write you because really … I didn’t want to say the “you did a good job” kind of thing. Your service was really exceptional. I’ve had some experience with real estate agents having bought and sold five properties in Boulder. I never did have a real negative experience but also not one that was as exceptional as working with you. Please feel free to use what you like from the following testimonial. Edit as it to how it works best for your ads, brochures, mail and other marketing purposes.

From start to finish, from listing to closing Chad provided exceptional service. I was very impressed right off the bat when I saw the internet presence of my property, the quality of the flyer and the sale sign presentation. Then I was even more impressed that Chad had met a possible buyer five days after the property got listed. This seemed almost impossible during a generally slow period in house sales.

All through the process of selling my property Chad seemed to be a step ahead of me. When I did have a question, Chad had already investigated the situation and had several solutions to offer. He clearly had my best interest in mind and made sure that I was well informed about everything that happened. Chad’s availability was phenomenal, his response time instant, and his foresight extremely helpful. The word “problem” did not seem to exist in his vocabulary as Chad confidently and professionally supported me through this process. And Chad’s efforts – although his work seemed effortless – paid off when the house sold after 41 days from the listing date. I will refer Chad whenever I can, and have mentioned his name several times to friends and colleagues. "

 - Barbara (Boulder)


 "I found the house of my dreams and Chad had a lot to do with that. He went way beyond just showing me houses that matched what I thought I wanted. He took the time to help me decide just what it was that I wanted. He suggested that we look at properties with rental income so that I could get a better house for the money. He suggested parts of town that I never considered. When it came down to it, he suggested I look at the house I finally decided to buy even though I thought it couldn\'t work. The bottom line is that if you want someone who really cares that you find the perfect home, you need to hire Chad. In my opinion, he earned every penny of his commission. He was professional, has a great sense of humor, really listens, tolerated house shopping with my 6 year old and paid attention to every detail throughout the entire purchasing process."


-Toria (Lafayette)


RIGHT AFTER LISTING: "WOW! The pictures you took are awesome, and the website is so cool! It looks like youv'e done a lot of work on my house, and I really appreciate it. You were right about your camera; it maximises the look of everything."
AFTER CLOSING: "When I knew it was time to sell my house, one of the most stressful decisions was in what Realtor I should use.  I have had some bad experiences with real estate agents in the past, and I also knew how much anxiety it was for me just to sell a home.  Chad not only did a terrific job selling my home, advocating for me and looking out for my best interests, but also helped to relieve the stress involved.  He went above and beyond the role I had known in the past of what to expect from a Realtor.  I felt treated with respect, interest, and concern.  I felt very good about the price we got, despite this difficult market.   It never once crossed my mind that I couldn't trust him.  He is a great guy to work with, trustworthy, sincere, extremely knowledgable and energetic.   I would highly recommend him!  Chad Rocks!"

-Penny (Boulder)


"Chad was professional as well as personable, and invested much time, effort and learning into our situation.  The condo we sold was effectively represented to draw in buyers - MLS and many others listing sites, personal websites, newspaper, signage, etc - and Chad actively sought feedback so we could make our condo as marketable as possible.  We sold quickly in a difficult market.  From the buying aspect, we looked into purchasing a home, buying land and building, short sale, and eventually purchased a home in foreclosure at auction.  At each juncture Chad did research and provided support and information to help us make the best, most informed decision.  We had a great client - Realtor relationship and would highly recommend him.  His talents and knowledge span all buying and selling scenarios."   

- Peter & Audra (Boulder / Lafayette)


"In this up and down housing market, Chad St. Onge & Perfect Realty were wonderful partners to have.  Chad was able to give excellent advice that helped us get under contract quickly and sell at top value.  Everything went exceptionally smooth, I can't thank Chad enough!  Thanks!"  

- Brad (Louisville)


"Chad St.Onge may have a saintly sounding last name, a hot stud acrobatic skiing younger brother, but he also exemplified professionalism in the recent sale of our home. We had a very negative experience five years back with a realtor practicing the art of minimalism as we rarely had any contact with her. She even neglected to arrive at our closing. Needless to say we were very reluctant to use a realtor in our most recent sale. Our experience with Chad could not have been more different. Chad always made us aware of the details involved with selling our home. Paperwork, showings, and closing items were carefully explained. In addition, Chad made us feel we were in control of the selling process. The advice we received during the selling period proved sound and grounded in a clear understanding of Boulder’s unique real estate market. Selling our home for a good sum over our asking price would not have been possible without Chad’s real estate knowledge. In addition to his professionalism, Chad was down to earth, fun, and a pleasure to do business with."

-Dana & Jason (Boulder)


"I managed to crash the last run of the day and shatter my left wrist so my notes will be short.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  You are knowledgeable, professional, available and always courteous and I am most impressed.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.  I would be more effusive in my praise but I am literally typing with one finger."

-Eric (Boulder)


"We were extremely satisfied with the total process of our home selling experience which Chad provided us from the time of listing to the final closing. He was pleasant, thorough and always available whenever we had questions or concern.  Always with a positive attitude and a "big smile".  Thank you so much Chad!"

-Velma and Gina (Superior)


"A Special thanks to Chad St. Onge for his professional & competent brokering"

-Mitch (Boulder & Broomfield)


"Chad St. Onge took the stress and anxiety out of buying our first home and made it efficient and simple for us to obtain our dream.  Being first time home buyers, we were very apprehensive and skeptical about committing to the process of buying a home, Chad earned our trust and gratitude through the hard work he did and he will forever be on our A+ referral list.  Thank You!"


-Brian and Pamela (Lafayette)